10 Ideas for students to earn extra income

Everybody has ideas but it's does not take a shape as most just close the door by letting it to be an idea only.A student in the other hand can very well work out on the ideas especially if it's related to earning some extra cash.Following are some of the ideas to earn some extra cash while still studying in college or university.

1. e-book:

Start writing something what you like and give it a shape of e-bbok.You dont need good money to publish your e-book.All you need is to invest some time to write it.You can sell your e-book to amazon as there is a huge demand of e-books now a days.Not sure what to write? well, start with your own story that probably you can write well. everyone has a story to tell. give it a shape of e-book and sell it to Amazon.Rememeber you can earn royalty income from your e-books for lifetime.You need to follow certain basics before you publish your e-book.
Once you have invested your time to write the e-book , you are all set to receive a passive income 

2.Build your own website:

Start a website of your own.It's easy and could be set in only 20 minutes.Just find your niche before starting your website .Once you have generated more audience or visitors for your website just start inviting ads from where you will earn decent income.Start with Go Daddy.The domain and hosting will cost you Only Rs.1425/- per year.You can also check for other sites like Hostinger etc.

3.Youtube :

Become an youtuber.If you have a passion for photography and video go for it and monetize your video with adsense.Again select a specific area on which you have interest and start shooting.You hardly need any costly equipment to make a video now a days. All most all have a decent smart phone now a days which have good camera also. Get a microphone which is available in Rs.1500/ hardly which is as good as other microphones to make a quaity audio. You may or may not go for a tripoid at the beginning.Free video making software like Movie maker is enough to produce a quality video.Keep focus on your content and production.Promote your youtube video in social media or with friends initially.If you have an interesting content it will click.
You can earn $1.5 for 1000 views.Depends on your subscriber base and views you will earn more and more every time you come out with an interesting video.

4. Rent your space:

Rent your car space if you have some extra space for some extra cash.

5.Start a Magazine :

Start a college magazine and share it with your friends, family and neighbours.Once you have set up the stage contact some business organizations to invite their ads in your magazine.This will not only give you some extra cash but also will enrich your Biodata.

6.Paid service:

Offer services like note writing for your friends,supplying grocery to elderly people's home or to collect the clothes of your hostel friends to give it to laundry and bring it back from laundry.joining a courier service or as a home delivery person is In this case also you are sure to make some extra income for you while you are still studying.

7. Classified:

Help people friends finding accommodation for them especially for those who are new to the town or city.For this either you run your own classified or refer the city classified.


Sell your photo -If you have passion for photography and you are able to find some spare time to capture some great snaps then sell it online.To start selling your photos online visit Photolia or iStockphoto.

9.Used Items:

Sell your own second hand books or collect some second hand books to sell them at a price which is win win for both you and the buyers.Similarly you can also sell your notes to the interested students if they require it. You will get good money out of it.Simply put a piece of print out in the campus about your offer.

10.Home Tution:

You can do home tutions for lower class students than yours in your spare time.Many students are doing the same to meet a major portion of their expenses every month.

Apart from all the above ideas ,no need to mention that money saved is money earned. So try to save in all fields of your everyday spending.Once your saving is piled up you have a good amount to invest in a high return business/idea later to further multiply it by many folds.