Do we Need Engineers in India?

According to HRD ministry there are 6214 Engineering and technology Institutions in India and 2.9 million students are enrolled into these institutions. Every year 1.5 million engineers are produced for market.
The unemployment rate of Engineers is more than 90 percent.In this scenario, studying engineering may not be an advisable for career building.but when we further move down to the root cause of this dismal we need to make a fair comparison between the employers impression and the engineers argument.

There is no doubt that major corporate focus is on the premier Engineering institutions for the campus interview and in this process the employers don't even see those students who are even more skilled than the selected students of few premier engineering institutions and thereby loosing thousands of eligible engineers who can contribute significantly for the growth of the country.
The other side of the scenario is the real skill gap of graduate engineers who do not posses the required skill set even after graduating . There are few major reasons which has been the hindrance in providing quality engineering and technological knowledge to the graduate engineers in India.

1.More text book oriented education program.
2.Lack of synergy with the actual requirement of technological innovations and the existing syllabus.
2. Lack of the work readiness specialized training.
4.Lack of training and exposure to the faculties or professors of the engineering institutions .
5. Lack of competency evaluation of the engineering institutions getting affiliation.

When we see this scenario of unemployment for graduating engineers in 360 degree view the following gap also can not be ignored;

1.Parent's pressure to push the children in to Engineering stream
2.Peers influence which excites the youth to take admission into engineering stream.
3.Lack of awareness of parents as well as youth regarding the exact scopes and requirement to become employed after graduation.
4.Studying engineering is treated as a prestige sign without even thinking of the post completion challenges and limitation for employment.

Don't we require Engineers ?

Of course yes ! but what is the annual engineering job vacancies in India every year ? While some statistics claim that only 3% of the total aspirants posses the required skill set and are eligible for the job in IT sector ,one question becomes prominent that had 100 % students posses the required skill set do we have those many vacancies to absorb the skilled students ?