Students as volunteers

Apart from academics, a student must pay attention to the other components of his or her own life in order to make one's life meaningful and fulfilled one. Each one of us has a philanthropist inside but few can see it and further a tiny percentage of people can execute it into action.
The 21st century children are however are little exceptions to it as they do not want to grow up to serve the humanity.We can see youth led volunteerism has made major impact in the social change across the globe.Especially students who have demonstrated excellent outcome of their intervention of volunteerism to address certain burning issues like serving older people, feeding the hungry,blood donation etc.
There are numerous ways in which students can opt to become volunteers and can make visible changes in the society.Here we discuss about some prominent and doable volunteer projects which the students can opt to initiate or join beside their regular studies :

1. Toys for all

As a child you may have many toys which is of no use for you now as you have already played with it many times and now just lying on your showcase. Similarly your friends would have their toys with them which are of no use .You can collect all those toys and visit the poor people communities to donate those toys to the poor children over there who eagerly wait for your toys to play with.You can also create a social media page to invite such donors who want to donate their toys for poor children. At the same time you can call some of the volunteering organizations also to help you distribute the toys.How nice it is to have at least one toy for every children on the planet !The gifting is not limited to toys,it can also be your computers, bicycle or even your own clothes and blankets.

2. No one is deprived.
You can visit your nearby hospital and offer a nail polish and hair combing session to the older lady patients .You can distribute your old story books which you don't use any more to nearby orphanage .You have so many DVDs right? also you must be having some DVDs which you don't want to see anymore.Donate it to the children or your school library and talk to your principal to have a weekly movie show in your school where the students will see motivational movies every week.

3. Contribute to the food bank

Grow more vegetable and distribute it to those who do not have space in their back yard to grow vegetable. Form your own community to collect food grains from every household and donate it to your city food bank.

4. Adopt a space or monument
Adopt a park in your town to maintain it for some period of time.Also you can offer or install drinking water provision in the park or any other kind of value addition that you are willing to do.

5.Fund raising for a cause.

Raise money from your drawing and painting to promote for an animal shelter in your area.Raise money from car wash to support animal aid in your area .Conduct a cleanliness drive in the railway station platform. 

Above are the broad categories which the students can volunteer into in order to make this word a better place to live .Paying back to the society must be learnt from the early age which not only gives one a fulfilled life but also affirms one contribution to the global citizenship.

Further, students can also opt social service as a career. Many NGOs and MNGOs are keen to recruit dedicated freshers who has a goal to serve the humanity to bring  visible change.The desired qualification to enter into the development sector is Masters in social work or development study.